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Artisan Shopping in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter

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Why buy crude, identical-looking Chinese souvenirs sold on every corner when you can buy original pieces with history and soul instead? I work as a tourist guide in Barcelona. This is a list of my favorite shops where I bring my guests to buy some authentic local products. These places provide a great alternative to cheap, mass-produced souvenirs. These places sell, yes, expensive, but quality things and are striving to preserve the city’s true artistry.

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Blaze Forsby

Blaze Forsby

This hand-made footwear shop specializes in traditional Catalan espadrilles. In the early 1940s, the shop founder pioneered wearing these humble peasant shoes as an affordable fashion accessory. This caused a new surge in espadrille's popularity. Since then, the footwear from this shop has been worn by such iconic personalities as Salvador Dalí, Jack Nicholson, Penélope Cruz, and Pope John Paul II. All shoes are hand-made right there in the shop, with a huge selection in every color imaginable. You can watch the whole process of their creation and fully customize your own pair – or you can even try making the shoes yourself in their 90-minute workshops! A pair of classical espadrilles will cost around 40-50 Euros, a customised pair - 70-80 Euros. It is an expensive souvenir but a quality piece that can serve you for decades.

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