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Best Beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona's waterfront

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Barcelona's coastline offers a variety of beach experiences to cater to different preferences. Whether you're after bustling beachfront eateries or peaceful shorelines, you'll find a spot to unwind. With unique histories and features, these beaches are not just about sand and sea but offer a peek into the city's past and present. Here's a dive into some of the city's beach gems, each promising a distinct taste of Barcelona's seaside charm.

Barceloneta Beach

Beach paradise
De un lado Para otro
Tengo Alma Viajera

Anastasia, De un lado Para otro, Tengo Alma Viajera

Barceloneta, the iconic city beach, is a blend of rich history and contemporary vibrance. Its stretch is adorned by restaurants replacing the once beloved local beach bars. Its split by the Gas breakwater tells tales of the city's industrial past. A stroll along the promenade connects you to the Olympic Port, embodying Barcelona's dynamic evolution.

Sant Sebastià Beach

Urban oasis
Sant Sebastià Beach, Barcelona, Spain

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