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Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Barcelona

Venues for you and your fluffy friend

About this guide

Discover Barcelona's dog-friendly dining scene, where every restaurant welcomes you and your pet. From outdoor seating areas, special canine menus, to a warm welcome for your furry friends, these eateries ensure a delightful dining experience. Venture through our curated list, find the perfect spot, and enjoy the city's culinary offerings alongside your loyal companion.

El Bosc de les Fades

Magical forest eatery

Anastasia, Alina

Nestled in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, this whimsical venue welcomes you and your furry friend to a forest-like setting. Dive into an array of Spanish tapas amidst a backdrop of trickling streams and fairy-tale decor. Your four-legged companion can relax by your side, soaking in the enchanting atmosphere. The courteous staff ensures a delightful dining experience for both humans and canines alike. Due to its unique ambiance, it's a sought-after spot among the city's dog-friendly eateries, so consider arriving early to secure a seat.

Can Cisa/Bar Brutal

Natural wine bar
Carrer de la Princesa, 14, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

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