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Essential Brunch Restaurants in Barcelona

My favorite brunch spots

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Brunch never was my thing, but Barcelona changed that. In the 4 years I have been living in Barcelona, I have discovered many interesting brunch spots. I have made a list of my favorite ones. It is time to share it with the world.

Billy’s Brunch & Park

🐣 Barcelona's best

roxxanaa, Yulia

My number one favorite brunch spot in the city. I have been going here since I moved to Barcelona in 2020. For me, this place stands up for amazing food and great service. The atmosphere is warm, and the staff is very friendly and welcoming, so you will want to go back. They have several locations across the city. More popular ones are on Carrer de Bailèn and their Headquarters on Carrer de Muntaner. But both are usually quite crowded. That is why I recommend you to go to Billy’s Brunch & Park location, on Carrer de Jaume Giralt, a couple of blocks from Ciutadella Park. Keep in mind that they do not take reservations, and it can get very busy, so you might need to queue, but trust me, it's worth the wait. My favorite order at Billy’s is their açai bowl with granola and fruit paired with avocado toast (they serve it with sun-dried tomatoes and seeds) and an oat milk latte: these are the small things that make me happy.

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Cremat 11

🥂 The most stylish
Carrer de Cremat Gran i Xic, 11

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