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Holiday Shopping in Barcelona: Easter

Where to buy the best Easter presents

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Easter is a very special time in Barcelona, the time when over the hustle and bustle of the modern life you get a chance to see medieval spirits that still inhabit the city. You see its religious devotion, playful character, and love.

Easter in Barcelona

Easter in Barcelona, as in many parts of Spain, is a blend of solemn religious observances and vibrant springtime celebrations. The period known as Semana Santa (Holy Week), leading up to Easter Sunday, is marked by a series of processions, church services, and cultural events that reflect the deep-rooted Catholic traditions of the region.

The processions are perhaps the most visually striking aspect of Easter celebrations in Barcelona. Various brotherhoods and fraternities, known as "cofradías," parade through the streets carrying elaborate pasos (religious floats or statues) that depict scenes from the Passion of Christ. I am always very touched by how solemn these processions are. It is interesting to see the participants' traditional attire, which often includes long robes and hooded capes. The most notable procession in Barcelona is the "Processó de Sant" on Good Friday, which takes place in the city's Gothic Quarter, drawing crowds of both locals and tourists.

In addition to the processions, Barcelona's churches hold special masses and musical performances, particularly on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, to commemorate the Last Supper, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection of Jesus. The music, featuring classical and sacred compositions, adds to the spiritual atmosphere of the celebrations.

Easter in Barcelona is also a time for family gatherings and festive meals. It's traditional to enjoy seasonal dishes and sweets, such as "mona de Pascua," a decorated Easter cake often topped with chocolate figures, which godparents gift to their godchildren on Easter Sunday. So, the best Easter presents are undoubtedly - the sweets and traditional Catalonian pastry.

Pastisseria La Colmena

🥐 Traditional pastry
Blaze Forsby

Blaze Forsby

One of the oldest bakeries in Barcelona (from 1849!), it holds the award for the best artisanal ‘turron de crema cremada’ 2022 and the best ‘panellet de pinyons’ in Barcelona 2023. Here you can get your Mona de Pasqua, a traditional sweet bread with hard-boiled eggs on top (nowadays replaced with chocolate ones) which Catalan godparents give their godchildren on Easter Sunday. And, of course, get as many yummy chocolate bunnies and eggs as you can carry! La Colmena has everything from delicious meringues to elaborate cakes for all tastes and occasions!

Pastisseria Escribà

🍫 Chocolate kingdom
La Rambla, 83

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