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Living on a Budget: Cheap Eats

Great food and good value venues

About this guide

Barcelona's affordable eateries are a treasure trove for budget-conscious food enthusiasts. Dive into a realm of robust flavors with hearty breakfast sandwiches or explore traditional stews. Each spot listed here not only satisfies your palate but also goes easy on your pocket, making your culinary journey in Barcelona a delightful affair.

Bodega Montferry

Tavern delight


This classic tavern, revived by culinary bloggers, beckons with its colossal breakfast sandwiches. The 'botifarra' sausage and aubergine, or tuna with cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, are brunch in a bite. A cozy spot where modern day flavors meet traditional ambiance.

Bo de Bernat

Hearty feast
Carrer del Comte d'Urgell, 27, 08011 Barcelona, Spain

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