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Museums for Free in Barcelona

Museum Sundays (and other days)

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Discover Barcelona's narrative through its museums, each offering a unique glimpse into its rich cultural tapestry. With free admissions on certain days, exploring these repositories of history and modernity becomes an inviting prospect. Whether it's the ancient tales from the Roman era or the modern artistic expressions, Barcelona’s museums are your gateway. Seize your Sundays to delve into a world of artistry and design, making your sojourn not just enriching but budget-friendly too.



Housed in the National Palace, a relic from the 1929 World’s Fair, MNAC is a journey through Catalan art from Romanesque to mid-20th century. With free entry on Saturdays post 3pm and first Sundays, it's a gateway to diverse art forms amid a historical backdrop.

Museum of the History of Barcelona (MUHBA)

Ancient alleyways
Pl. del Rei, s/n, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

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