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One Day Trip from Barcelona: Girona

Reasons to visit Catalonia's medieval gem

About this guide

We have made this short guide to help you decide if you should go to Girona, the historic town in the heart of Catalonia.


⌛ Historic town with true Catalan spirit
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⚜️ About Girona

Girona is a charming medieval town with narrow cobblestone streets and historic architecture. It is the capital of one of Catalonia's provinces and is known for its rich history, great museums, and innovative cuisine. A trip to Girona is an excellent chance to learn more about Catalan culture without the hordes of tourists ever present on the streets of Barcelona.

🚊 How to get to Girona

Girona is an easy day trip destination approximately 100 kilometers northeast of Barcelona. The most convenient way to get to Girona is by train. Trains depart from Barcelona Sants station, making it a hassle-free journey for travelers.

🕯️ Explore the old town

Girona’s historic center is remarkably well-preserved. You can wander through the labyrinth of the Jewish Quarter. Visit the monumental Cathedral famous for the widest Gothic nave in the world. Stroll along the restored city walls to enjoy panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. And finally, stop at the Eiffel Bridge to capture some Instagram-worthy moments.

🐉 Be transported to Westeros

Girona is also famous as one of the principal filming locations for the Game of Thrones. You can take one of thematic tours or explore the featured sites on your own. Stop by the imposing steps of the Cathedral to remember the Cersei’s Walk of Shame or visit the Arab Baths to sneak into the Baths of Braavos.

🦐 Discover authentic local cuisine

Girona is one of the best places to explore Catalan cuisine. We recommend heading to the Mercat del Lleó, the city's central market. Here, you can sample fresh produce and local cheeses and discover traditional Catalan dishes at reasonable prices.

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