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One Day Trip from Barcelona: Ruta dels 7 Gorgs

Reasons to do the famous hike

About this guide

We did the Route of the 7 Waterfalls together in May 2022, and it became one of our most memorable trips from Barcelona. So, we have made this small guide to help you decide if you should explore this popular hiking route.

Ruta dels 7 Gorgs

🏞️ Picturesque hiking route in Catalan mountains
Lance & Dua Pinson

Lance & Dua Pinson

🦋 What is Ruta dels 7 Gorgs

Ruta dels 7 Gorgs is one of the best hiking routes if you want to get to know the beauty of Catalan nature. The route passes through the mountains of Girona province and connects 7 picturesque waterfalls. Conveniently, it is a loop around 9 km long. You will need approximately 3 hours to complete it. The route is of moderate difficulty: it suits even those who don’t have much hiking experience, but it can be a bit complicated for kids and elderly people.

🚗 Get to the beginning of the route

The beginning of the route is located not far from the village of Campdevànol. It is around 90 km north of Barcelona, a 1.5-2-hour drive. You can get there by train from Arc de Triomf railway station (Line R3). But in our opinion, renting a car is a much better option. You can leave the car at a parking lot by the entrance to the route. Keep in mind that you will need to pay 10 Euros for your vehicle to enter the nature park. Otherwise, you will need to go by foot from Campdevànol. In the summer months, entrance to the route will cost another 5 Euros per person. In spring, autumn, and winter, it is free.

🎒 Go equipped

First of all, remember to wear appropriate sneakers to enjoy the hike. We also recommend taking your swimwear and towels. The waterfalls have natural pools of crystalline water, perfect for a refreshing swim. Plus, you can take some blankets and snacks to have a relaxing picnic with a beautiful view.

🌄 Go early

The route is popular and can get quite crowded in the summer months. If you want a walk in the solitude, we recommend going as early as possible. It will ensure you plenty of peaceful time without the crowds.

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