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One Day Trip from Barcelona: Tossa de Mar

Reasons to visit this picturesque costal town

About this guide

Tossa de Mar is one of our favorite destinations close to Barcelona. It is the ideal day-trip combo of history, nature, and local charm. We try to come here once or twice every summer to relax, clear our heads, and breathe out. We made this guide to help you decide if you should visit Tossa de Mar, one of the most popular towns on Costa Brava.

Tossa de Mar

⛡️ The perfect mix of nature, history and beach
Lance & Dua Pinson

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πŸŒ… About Tossa de Mar

It is a small historic town on the Costa Brava, part of the coast north of Barcelona. Tossa de Mar is famous, in the first place, for stunning sandy beaches and beautiful panoramic views of the rocky Middeteranian coast. It is also known for its imposing medieval fortress and narrow cobblestone streets of Vila Vella ( the historic part of the town).

πŸš— How to get to Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar is located just around 85 km north-east of Barcelona. It is an hour and a half drive by car. The road goes along the coast with numerous coves and gorges: so, the views are amazing. Leave earlier to have extra time to make a couple of stops on the way just to admire the views. Another option is to hop on a bus from Barcelona's Nord Station (it is by the Arc de Triomf).

🏰 Explore the Old Town called Vila Vella

We recommend starting your day with an exploration of the medieval fortress. Constructed back in the 14th century, the walls overlook the sea, offering stunning panoramic views. Climb the walls to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages, times of wars between Spanish knights and Moors. Admire the views. And then you can go down to wander a little through the old streets of Vila Vella, which are also definitely Insta-worthy.

🍹 Enjoy the beach

After an extensive walk, you will want to chill on the beach. The main spot in Tossa de Mar is Playa Gran. It’s located right next to the castle and has a nice view of the walls. The beach has a Blue Flag status (awarded for the clearness of the water) and all the facilities you might need.

πŸ¦† Connect with nature

After the beach, we recommend stopping by the Sa Riera Park. This urban park is located just about 2 km from the coast. You can walk there or take an Uber. It is a peaceful and quiet place. Pack some snacks to picnic or just wander around in the company of geese and ducks. It is a beautiful, relaxing place, perfect for unwinding and recharging for new adventures.

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