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Tapas Bars. Locals’ Choice

Authentic tapas venues

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Tapas: these small Spanish snacks are more than just a way to satisfy your hunger. They are a cultural phenomenon, a chance to gather with friends, share laughter, and enjoy some heartfelt conversations. I have made a list of the tapas spots that have earned the stamp of approval from locals. I recommend these places not for the food itself but for the authentic feel. They are not the most photogenic and fancy, but they provide a real experience and allow you to see some real Barcelona beyond tourist buses and souvenir stands.

La Plata

⚓ Simple classics
Katie Hudson

Katie Hudson

You will find this tiny tapas bar on every list of the best traditional restaurants in Barcelona. They have been serving the same 7-item menu they mastered to perfection since the very opening in 1945. It is a delight even just to stop by to say “hola” to the soul of La Plata, Pepe, who has been working here for more than 50 years. When someone visits me in Barcelona, I bring them here to experience an authentic Barcelona place. We order glasses of vermouth, pincho de butifarra (traditional Catalan sausage spiked to a piece of bread), and anchovies. It is about enjoying the small things.

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Bar Mendizàbal

🥔 Bravas and Bacadillos
Carrer de la Junta de Comerç, 2

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