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Work-Friendly Cafés in Barcelona

Best cafés to work from

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When it comes to working remotely, finding a perfect café is like discovering your own secret hideaway in a bustling city. You need a strong Wi-Fi connection, available electrical outlets and an environment that creates a perfect space to focus on your tasks. Here is a list of my favorite places in Barcelona where you can work in comfort.

Casa Bonay

Working and living


Casa Bonay is a hotel, the entire ground floor of which opened for visitors and can be a nice space to work from. There is a coffee shop, a small designer boutique, a bookstore, a restaurant, a lobby with a bar counter, a lounge area, and a co-working space. The place has an atmosphere which both relaxes you and helps concentrate. It is open till late at night. However, in the evening it usually hosts different events like movie screenings or DJ sets.



This small chain has three locations in different parts of Barcelona. The one in the Gothic Quarter is my favorite. It offers an Australian-style menu, very good coffee and a cozy co-working space with power outlets at every table and a large table area for group work. The only thing: it can be a bit noisy: the place is always packed with digital nomads and students. Keep also in mind that it works only from 9am till 4:30 pm.

Espacio 88

Working alone


Espacio 88 occupies one of the wings of an old factory building in the Poblenou District. It is a big space with a stylish industrial setting and lots of natural light. There is a 1972 Citroën van parked right in the middle. It serves as a mobile bar offering coffee on wheels. Generally, there are few people around, so you won't be disturbed by background noise. However, it is open only in the first half of the day.

Three Marks Coffee

Recharging energy

Kate, Domi

This is a place for true coffee lovers. The café was founded by three guys with the same name Mark. They own a successful roasting company which supplies coffee to cafés all over the city. Despite the space being small, on the second floor, there is a co-working area with free internet and a nice view of the street.

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